Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Stylish Blogger Awards!!!

I'm one lucky girl I tell ya'!!! I have received three Stylish Blogger Awards in the last week!!! Talk about surprised!!! I feel very honored and humbled!!! Thank you to these three sweet and awesome bloggers:



Please go visit their beautiful blogs and leave them some love!! They are all super talented!!! ;)
With this award you are supposed to tell eight things about yourself....but, I've already gotten three of these awards and feel as though I'd bore you or worse start repeating, LOL!!!

You're also supposed to list 8 blogs to pass it onto as well....but, I love so many blogs and have already shared 24 blogs when I got the other awards in the's just too much to keep up with, LOL!!!

I really appreciate each and everyone who visit my blog....I love so many blogs in return!!
Thanks so much rock!!!

Thanks so much for visiting me and have a great week!! ;)

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Linda said...

Congrats Holley-you deserve it!