Thursday, December 16, 2010

Surprise Blog Candy Win!

Whoo-hoo!!!! I got a little surprise in the mail today! I apparently won some blog candy, LOL!! I got three clear stamp sets!!! There wasn't a note and the envelope was a little wet and beat up (due to our weather we are having here!) the info/note could've slipped out....and I was never contacted by anyone to notify me of my win, so....???? It's from Laura Pervier. That's all I know!!!! I visit soooo many blogs and follow alot too....that I'm not sure were she is in the blogging world, so if you know....please pass me the info....I would like to thank her personally!!! I love winning.....especially when it's a surprise ;)
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!!


Linda said...

What a great present! Enjoy!

Ying said...

Congrats! Fun mail, well is always fun. lol Which sets did you get?