Thursday, June 10, 2010


OK,I need to vent!!! A couple of weeks ago I did a really big order for this lady through my Etsy store!!! I was super excited about it!!! I had made some scrapbooking pages (8 of them!) you can click here to see them! Then I made her a card and additional baby critters to go with them!!! You can click here to see the baby critters and here to see the cards. Anyways,I've been selling on eBay and Etsy for awhile now ,with no problems!! She says she didn't get her package....But,I mailed her package to her on May 27 and I paid for the confirmation shipping which said it was delivered at her correct mailing address on May 29!!! (I could kick myself for not getting it insured or something!!! But,I never had a problem before,so it never crossed my mind to do that!!! UGH!!!)
  It states on my Etsy that I do not give refunds.....but,I want to make it right with now I have to redo that entire order!!!! The cards and baby critters will not take but a few days....but the 8- two page scrapbook layouts will take weeks to complete!!!
 Has anyone else ever had something like this happen??? I'm seriously thinking about shutting down my Etsy now!!!Thanks for letting me vent,on top of stressing about my oldest leaving on Sunday,now this!!! I hope your day is going much better than mine!!! :(


Jamie said...

oh that's awful! Is she saying she didn't get them or that they are damaged?

Lillian Child said...

Oh, yes, I do know the feeling. All too well. But other than venting, there is little recourse except maybe eating an entire pan of brownies (which I've done, and while it appeases the demon for a while, the irritation will remain for several days). If you shipped through ebay, and received confirmation of delivery, then I think you might have some recourse - but don't quote me on this. Check out their rules section for alternatives you might have in this situation. I've been thinking about an Esty shop, but remembering a few bad experiences with ebay I've not yet made the commitment. So sorry this happened to you, though. Should I mail some brownies to you? Take care!

helloholley said...

This was through Etsy,and she says she didn't get the package!!! The post office confirmed it was delivered to her mailing address.......ohhh...I love brownies....double chocolate are the best!!! Thanks ladies for letting me vent!!! ;)


Yes, this is awful, so sorry your going through it. Something you may consider doing before closing your shop. On my Etsy shop policies I state the following: not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Your scrapbook pages are so adorable!!! And the critter babies soooo cute!!!

StephanieD2 said...

Oh wow I am so sorry you're being put through the ringer. Yikes! Go get some brownies and some coffee...breathe in and breathe out. Pray about it and see which direction you're being led.
Personally, I've shopped for years on Ebay/Etsy and one thing is for certain, insurance is ALWAYS left up to the PURCHASER. If they don't want to insure and it doesn't arrive or is damaged, tough cookies.
I've NEVER had a package not arrive somewhere, and you've got the confirmation to prove it. I would have her check with her neighbors, on her back porch and under her doormat etc.

StephanieD2 said... just a thought, but does she have feedback from other sellers you could check? I'm just suspicious by nature LOL :P Go get some brownies, chocolate makes everything better. :)

Cheryl said...

Stephanie I was also wondering that. So sorry Holley. Of course you could refund the $$ and just say that there's no way you can re-make all of those items (if you don't want to). My God those pages and critters were awesome though-I can see why she would have wanted them. I have thought of maybe selling on etsy but wasn't sure if it would be profitable or worth the hassle. I'm just curious -what did just one of those pages sell for?

helloholley said...

Oh,Thanks 'Sweet Paper Treats'....good idea!!
and Stephanie and Cheryl....I asked her to make sure the neighbors didn't get it,so far nothing!!! She checked all around her house too,nothing again!!!and that's what my hubby has been thinking too...but I want to believe in the good of people,so since I don't have any proof?!?!?! I just checked her feed back.....and boy is she a shopper!! Almost daily buying somthing on Etsy....all paper goods,beautiful stuff,too!! I would think since she gets so many packages buying something.....I guess it was bound to happen!!!! She has all positive feedback,too.....I guess my package either got stolen or lost!!! Just makes me mad!!! I spent the $$ I made for a SU! order....and we are going on vacation,so every bit of $$ counts!!!(her order totaled almost $150 for everything....all of those popsicle cards,baby card,all the baby critters; I think there was 9,and then the scrapbook pages and there was 8 layouts that's 16 pages!) I'll have to redo this order,UHG!!!!

Marlene said...

Just a thought....but I know this has happened to someone I know.

It is possible (especially if she has a good feedback rating) that her package was stolen from her door step.

One way to prevent this is to ship the items with a signature required. If they're not home, they'll get a card to pick up their item at the post office. Sure, it's a pain in the butt - but it protects YOU.

Cindi (aka iring) said...

Ugh! That is one huge bummer! I hope the package somehow shows up and she contacts you ASAP!

StephanieD2 said...

Yeowza! That is a lot of work to redo. I LOVED the pages. Goodness you are talented. And that is a great reason to keep your etsy open. You need to share that gift you have and where would the paper crafting world be if you shut down your etsy? Hmm? LOL :P

Go eat some brownies, scream, kick a wall and go with your instincts (and God, neither are wrong) :)