Thursday, January 21, 2010

Proud Mom Moment!!

I am having a proud mom moment!!! Callie, my 7 yr. old just finished her first sewing project!!! My mom sent her some scrap material to practice learning to sew on a sewing machine. She made a cute little scarf!! It is quite short,but still,it's cute!! I'm very proud of her!! It took me alot of practice learning my machine.....she has picked it up really well! She sits in my lap and guides the fabric through the machine. I do put my foot over hers to help her try to get an even speed since my sewing machine doesn't have a speed control. I do recommend if you are wanting to learn to sew on a machine ,get a speed control,it would make it a bit easier to learn!! She was scared because she would press her foot on the pedal and it would go fast,so I help her,but other than that,she actually sews it herself!! Thanks for stopping by!

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Mama G said...

Awesome job, Callie! Nice scarf, and the stitches are so straight and neat! A lot of ladies today don't know how to sew and it is such a good skill to master, I think! (My own sewing skills are only so -so) :-) LOL! Thanks for sharing with us- you have every reason to have a proud mom moment!
Y'all have nice weekend.