Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello peeps! I hope you all had a great weekend! I wanted to share a product I've recently discovered! You've probally have seen the cheesy commercials on TV. It's called Heel Tastic. I get it at Walmart for $10 ,you can order on TV or through their website,but I went to the website and you can buy one get one free and get a free grooming kit......I don't need another grooming kit and after you pay shipping(6.99 twice!) me it wasn't that great of a deal.
But I have been looking around for something for my feet forever. My heels were really dry and cracked....I guess cause' I'm mostly barefoot!! HAhahaha....I used lotion daily but it didn't help that much! But this stuff is amazing!! It really does work! I saw improvement the next day.....and within 3 days ,I was shocked at the difference! Anyways,you need to try it out if you suffer from dry ,cracked heels! hehehe...I sound like the commercial! You could probally find it at CVS,Walgreens.....any place that you see the 'As seen on TV' stuff.....See ya'

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