Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Baby Boy is 17 today!

I feel so old!! My oldest child is 17 today and I can't believe it!! Where does the time go?? He wanted a cinnamon cake,so I found a recipe that I'm going to try. I've always used boxed cakes, so this will be my first time to make one from scratch.I'm also going to make a cream cheese icing...also from scratch! He wanted homemade chicken fried steak. I make that about once a makes a mess and it takes awhile to get the smell of grease from your house! So,I bought some Tyson Chicken Fried Steak patties to cook in the oven....hope he doesn't mind!! But maybe when it's covered with gravy and with mashed potatoes on the side....he won't notice!! ;) Well, I'm off to do my chores and get cookin'!! Have a great day and thanks for stoppin' by!!

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