Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mother's day Cards

Hey Bleeps (blog peeps!)

I hope you all have been doing great and that you had a lovely Easter.

Here's some Mother's Day cards that I have been working on. Hope you like them. I shamelessly CASED them all from Pinterest, LOL!!

You can tell that the first two pics were taken outside, which totally makes the card so much better as far as clear, crisp images and colors....except for the shadows.

These next two cards have a yellowish tinge to them....the only yellow on the card is the honeycomb stamp I used, the cardstock is actually Naturals Ivory.....go figure.....

These last two pics were taken at night with a flash.....a few years ago, my camera was stolen.....I haven't replaced it, all my pics are taken with my cell and edited that way too, LOL!!! One day I will replace my camera.....sigh.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a blessed weekend! ;)

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Linda said...

Awesome group of cards! The last is my fave.