Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sympathy Cards

Hi Bleeps (Blog Peeps)!

Hope everyone is doing good. So far this year hasn't gone so great for us. My M-I-L came to visit for Christmas and her car broke down.....she's been without a car since then. We finally got it out of the shop, so we will be delivering it to her tomorrow evening. My step-dad had a mild heart attack and my older sis has been hospitalized with severe asthma problems. They are both doing better now.....sis will have to spend another few days in the hospital and believe it or not, my step-dad went home the next day! Crazy.

 And if that isn't enough, my pastor's younger brother passed he will be out of town for a few days.  Also, a lady from my church lost her 6 month old baby boy. He had so many complications from birth and was just tired of fighting. God Bless their souls. I can't even imagine losing a baby, just breaks my heart. Please pray for everyone!

Here are two sympathy cards that I made for them, I still have two more other cards to make. Another sympathy one and a thinking of you for a lady at my church who just had surgery. I will have to get those made on Thursday on my day off.

Sorry the pics aren't the best....but my camera was stolen and still haven't replaced it yet. Plus, I took these really fast without good lighting, etc. Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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CowtownCrafter said...

I love how you used the positive and the negative pieces of the die cut so there's no waste! I hate they had to be sympathy cards but they're really pretty ones!