Friday, September 3, 2010

scavenger hunt blog hop!!!

Hello Bleeps(Blog Peeps!)
I wanted to let you guys know about a new blog I found....I'm soooo excited about this! It's a place where SU! demos and ANYONE who loves Stampin' UP!(customers!), can go and visit. They have challenges and prizes,etc......using 99% of SU! product!!! Gotta love that,LOL!!! Anyways,they are giving away a $400.oo dollar shopping spree of Stampin' Up! products.....yes, I said $400....with two ZEROS!!! Oh, my....and the best part is anyone has a chance to win...even DEMOSTRATORS!!! Hey,that's me ;)
Well, I guess you wanna chance too,uh? Okay, fine....I'll share with you....don't be so pushy....geesh!;)
 It's called Late Night Stampers'. Um, what's that you's been around a long time and YOU already knew about it? How never told me, LOL!!! I just found out about them....guess I'm slowww ,but I know about them now and I'm gonna soak all the info I can there,LOL!!! Don'tcha wanna come too?!?!?!
Well,here's the link and check them out!!!
 Oh,one more thang....I gotta give you a secret will follow the blogs collecting the codes and then you will have to email 20 clues to Sherrill Graff for your chance to win!!!
 My Clue is: Chic Boutique Pg.76

collect all 20 clues and turn your answers into to sherrill graff at

She will pick the winner to the $400 Stampin' Up! shopping spree soon, so hurry up and enter today!

Here is a list of other blogs where you can find clues:

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Shelley said...

Thanks for sharing Holley. Hopefully I can play tonight when I get home from work. $400 in SU would be awesome. Good luck.