Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I need advice from OWH Peeps!

OK....I'm sooooo excited!!! I just got off the phone with a local VFW. I chatted with him and told him briefly about OWH and their Birthday Bash they have going on. He wants to meet with me tomorrow to talk more and I told him I would bring some samples!!!
This guy sounded pretty old and probably had no clue what the heck I was rambling on about,LOL!!! I need all the advice I can get from other who are a part of OWH and have done something like this before!!!! I  have enough card stock for this first time, so we won't have to buy anything. But how do you ask people to 'donate' to either you (to buy the supplies) or to bring their own supplies....if we do this more than once!!! I don't mind using most of my supplies....ink pads,stamps....but how do you handle the cost of consumable supplies like card stock and adhesive.....does everyone just 'eat' the cost their selves,and call it a 'donation' to the cause or do you ask for donations to go towards supplies. I'm just not sure what to expect or do? I'm assuming until I 'build up' enough interest it won't be too expensive the first couple of times, but my hubby will get concerned if I'm the only one paying for it all , every time (hoping I can make this a monthly thing!) and especially if it starts getting more expensive!!!
Do I even make any sense at all?? Any advice for peeps who have done this would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much and have a great day!! ;0


carolynn said...

Hi Holley-- I've never hosted an OWH cardmaking event, but I know in my small Vermont town there are businesses that would support it through cash donations to cover the cost of the cosumables like card stock and adhesive. I'm sure you would find support where you are too. Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Go Holley! If I lived closer, I would go with you. I know that many "not so crafty" people will donate money towards supplies. You just have to mention it to everyone you know. Good Luck! ~Robin

Paula said...

Wow, fantastic Holley! Way to go! Here's my advice... Find any and all local print shops. Contact them and tell them what you are doing. Most every print shop has odds and ends card stock scraps and if you ask they will probably happily cut them down to the perfect 5.5 x8.5 size you need to make A2 cards, saving you that extra work. They are most likely to have white and ivory but those would make perfect base layers. I can almost guarantee you'll have success and get lots of stock donated.